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Accept no imitations! real Snazzybags are available only here. Created by us in the 1990’s and now sold the world over, Snazzybags® is the original specialist manufacturer of only metallic foil and bubble foil envelopes, mailers and bags. No wonder Snazzybags® brand has become the generic name associated with metallic foil and bubble mailing products. Our products will give your Direct Marketing or promotional campaign maximum impact. Nobody can resist opening a Snazzybag, they are quite simply irresistible. Snazzybags® come in a huge range of vibrant colours with luxurious metallic foil finishes, both shiny and matt, from stock. We are the only vertically integrated manufacturer and offer custom sizes, print, colours and formats including handles, Euroslots and zipper closures.

Snazzybags® are made from a virtually indestructible high tech 70 micron laminate of highest grade Polyester (Mylar) and super strong LDPE. They are engineered with heavy duty flat pouch seals to pass through the most demanding postal handling regimes and arrive looking every bit as good as you sent them. They are designed to be super fast to load and close.

They should not be confused with cheap imitations made from flimsy easy tear potato crisp/snack type Polypropylene packaging materials, which is ideal for junk food wrapping. Clearly totally unsuited to the image and durability you need to portray for your company or brand.

You are in good company with Snazzybags, our clients include the world’s most iconic brands such as, Nike, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, BMW, Vodafone, Mercedes Benz, Bulgari, Swatch, Hugo Boss, Google, Manchester United, McLaren F1, Duran Duran and literally hundreds more household names. The world’s greatest marketers use Snazzybags because they work.

Snazzybags® work in a broad range of sectors and these include Cosmetics, Automation, Consumer Brands, FMCG, Electronics, Services and many more. Clients can shop online or call to discuss requirements. We can advise you on the best approach and share our extensive experience in terms of what has worked for others.

We have also developed excellent relationships with a number of Agencies who have used Sanzzybags® in effective and original campaigns.

Why not call today – we look forward to talking with you.